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Craving Light Energy?

Living Buddha® is the first supplement that can influence your light energy – your vibrational state, and support the evolution of your consciousness.

Conscious about the light energy in your food?

Biophotons in food – increase with Living Buddha

Only 3% of the people are aware of the amount of light that food is able to store!

Plants store this light (the life-force energy) in form of biophotons. The human biofield is fueled by biophotons – quantum particles of light – that transmit energy and information between cells.

Under a high-powered microscope, you can see that the energy deep within our cells gives off light.

The amount of photonic light plays a significant role in our health and consciousness.

Science has also discovered that DNA molecules are hungry for biophotons – they will actually capture photons of light (biophotons) and draw the life-force energy into them.

90% of the food sold in supermarkets is devoid of light!

This is due to long transports in the dark, genetically modified food, and food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides.

Living Buddha® is a high vibrational supplement loaded with biophotons and light energy – with 100 % vegan superfoods.

You need light to survive!

Living Buddha® is 100% natural and vegan – with Moringa Oleifera and Marine Phytoplankton –  loaded with biophotons and light energy.


I have been taking Living Buddha capsules for about 3 weeks now and could notice the following changes: For 12 days now I am painless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slowly but steadily decrease my weight (no food cravings anymore). I have overall more energy. I can concentrate better and longer (previously at most 3-4 hours a day, now 6-8 without any problems) Slowly but surely I am getting my life back with every day! It sounds like a miracle and that’s how I feel. My resulting gratitude and joy are very great.


Riding Instructor

A super product, effect has convinced me completely! Increased performance in sports and improvement of the general well-being! Keep it up!


Business Professional

In the beginning, I was skeptical, although I basically believe in the power of nature and know that drugs usually suppress pain and do not cure the clock. Living Buddha gives me good energy throughout the day. I simply feel better, more concentrated and have lost 3 kg of body fat. After 6 months, I am happy to share my experience and I am happy about each of my relatives and friends whose lives Living Buddha has changed positively.


IT Professional

Since 6 weeks I am taking 2 capsules from Living Buddha every morning my after breakfast. Despite irregular sports activities, I noticed after a few days that my digestion normalized. Furthermore, I have the feeling that my skin is no longer feeling so dry. Most notable, however, is that my concentration improves and forgetfulness subsides and I am feeling more relaxed, calmer and deliberated. Looking forward to the next weeks and months.


Web Farmer

Living Buddha really surprised me. The very next day my skin looked much more fresh and firm. Also I always have enough energy (very welcome as a mom), even if the nights are short. Overall, the body feels nourished and taken care of. And I’m actually entering deeper meditation states. All in all, a product that finally delivers what it promises. Definitely recommended.


Musician & Mum

My overall review is that Living Buddha seems to have a very holistic effect on the body. Over the 1-month period my sense of general wellbeing definitely improved, my body was functioning really well, especially during physical exercise, and I was alert without the need for coffee. I deliberately stopped taking all other vitamins and supplements during this time to be sure any results were correctly attributed to the phytoplankton.



I am so grateful to the founder of Soul Light Food, Gloria, for introducing me to the amazing product “Living Buddha” and I found something for me that is giving me the energy and fuel to keep up with my son and life. Since taking every morning two pills of “Living Buddha” I feel so much energized, fresh and rejuvenated in every aspect. My skin improved and my hair and nails as well. My whole body simply feels different and so much better. I recommend the product to everybody! Just give it a try, you won’t regret. You will feel the difference in your body right away. Thank you!


Yogi, Mother & Business Woman

On the second day, I noticed my increased efficiency. Both mentally and physically. However, physical improvement was felt faster. Suddenly, without much effort, I was able to achieve almost double the number of repetitions. In the evening, after work, I did not feel so drained anymore. Still fit and efficient. The imaginary line, for reaching my physical limits, was suddenly moved far back. I actually have not experienced that yet. Also, I could feel a mental improvement, but this has been recorded after a few days. I was already clearer in the morning after getting up.



I am loving Soul Light Food! I have been taking it for nearly 3 weeks now and I feel so much better in so many ways. As a working mum of 2 boys I am often tired but since taking this my energy levels seem to have increased and my concentration levels for work are much clearer and sharper. I have noticed a difference in my sleep and my skin feels clearer and brighter as well! Normally I start taking supplements and then give up as I don’t see a change but this was effective really quickly and I will definitely continue to take them.


Marketing Specialist

What is Living Buddha® ?​

Living Buddha® is a high vibrational supplement with vegan superfoods.

The antioxidant capacity of Living Buddha® is 135.000 μmol TE/100g! Compared with Vitamin C with a measurement of only 3.000 µmole TE/100 g.